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Heidi Glunz is the CFO of Brain2 Solutions and the founder of Glunz Financial Coaching. She is dedicated to providing education and personalized solutions for all manner of financial issues. She is certified as a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach and a Personal Finance Counselor through FinCert. Heidi has a passion for ensuring young and old are educated about their finances, and helping small business owner take control of their finances.

Heidi is also a certified Project Management Professional, and holds a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, both from the University of Utah. Before becoming a financial coach, Heidi worked as a project manager for multiple engineering firms including Idaho National Laboratory and NuScale Power. As a project manager, she has been responsible for $40 million plus projects. These projects taught her some budgeting and prioritization of spending skills well before she realized these skills could be applied to personal financial coaching. She finds the personal aspects of money management to be much more fulfilling and wants to help people create THEIR plan for THEIR money, so they can do what they WANT to do, instead of just what they HAVE to do.