Leadership and Management Development Seminars and Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are offered to internal teams and cohorts, and are customized to meet the needs of any group. We can conduct optional pre-meeting surveys, interviews, or assessments to tailor the workshop to your group’s level, skills, and needs.

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We can conduct optional pre-meeting surveys, interviews, or assessments to tailor the workshop to your group’s level, skills, and needs.

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See our most popular signature communications workshops and programs below. All our workshops are customized to fit your specific training needs.

  • Executive Presence:

    Engaging, informative, and practical programs that help participants increase their comfort, confidence, and effectiveness when working at the executive level. Executive Presence programs are designed for:

    • Executives and managers who want to improve their executive presence
    • Professionals who frequently interact at the executive level
    • Sales people who want to be more successful selling to the C-suite
  • Executive Communication Skills:

    Strengthen your interpersonal presence in one-on-one and small group settings, formal meetings, and presentations. Through coaching and workshops, we help you:

    • Understand how information is processed and filtered in social interactions
    • Define your communication style and the style of those you interact with
    • Identify concrete steps to more effectively create, deliver, and evaluate verbal and written messages
  • Leading The Human Side of Change:

    When you lead and manage the human side of change you minimize the personal and business costs typically associated with change and you increase the likelihood that your change efforts will be successful. We give you the roadmap for leading employees as they respond to, and support, your organizational change efforts. Empower, engage and enable employees to become partners in creating a new organization, approach transitions as predictable events, not chaotic ones, and help employees, including yourself, maintain resilience during times of fast-paced change.

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence:

    Social and emotional intelligence (SEI) is the key to successful management, coaching, sales, and teaming. SEI is a recognized factor in achieving outcomes, leadership, and teaming, and a key aspect of work and life satisfaction. By increasing your emotional and social intelligence, you learn to more clearly understand yourself and others and become empowered to drive change in your career and in your life.

  • Dynamic Presentation and Public Speaking Skills:

    Immediately position yourself to articulate your thoughts and ideas with confidence, competence and clarity in any setting. Empower yourself to command attention, engage your audience and leave a lasting impression!

  • The Coach Approach for Leaders:

    Learn the skills of coaching and help everyone in your organization perform at the “top of their game”. The “Coach Approach for Leaders” is a simple, coherent process that you can use with people at all levels that builds high performing teams. The “Coach Approach” fosters participation, builds responseability, and stimulates an ownership mentality in your workforce.

  • Culture and Leadership:

    The culture of every organization and team is its spirit, determining their reactions to events. If we ask an employee, “tell me about what it’s like to work here?” they will tell you about the culture. The culture is the spirit, or belief system and attitudes of the organization. Culture leadership training helps leaders understand the power of their organizational culture and how to harness and direct that power.

  • Women in Leadership:

    Strengths such as intuition, emotional intelligence, creativity, team work and big picture thinking are exactly what the highly competitive, highly changeable job market requires. This is great news for women, because these are their natural strengths. However, there are also common weakness that can hold women back from fulfilling their leadership potential and claiming their own power in the workplace. This inspiring and innovative training course will enable you to know yourself, trust yourself, and empower yourself to take the lead and build a career, a team and a life that you can be proud of.

  • The Hidden Leverage of Feedback:

    Our research shows that most employees welcome feedback and are more afraid of what’s NOT being said. Feedback sends a loud message and has an impact beyond an individual’s performance in the moment. Every opportunity to give feedback is also an opportunity for developing a high performance culture.

  • Strengths Based Leadership:

    This strengths based leadership training is based off of the #1 New York Times bestselling book, Strengths Based Leadership, by renowned authors, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. This new leadership workshop explores the three keys to being a more effective leader by knowing your strengths, investing in the strengths of your team and colleagues, and understanding and meeting the four core needs of those who look to your leaders. These needs when met create powerful team engagement which affect business outcomes.